Renew, Refresh, Renovate 
Update & Expand Your Home

Stiegel Construction can help you get the most out of your current home by adding living space, renovating the existing structure or giving it a face-lift with renewal projects. We will minimize disruption to your routines, while optimizing your home for your lifestyle.

Add Living Space - we can help you plan and build a tasteful addition to your home for a growing family, stylish entertainment or business activities. Your new living space will have the design, quality and integrity to beautifully complement your existing home.

Renovate - to update or modernize your home, we can perform extensive renovation that retains the best features of the existing structure, while adding flair, style and quality.

Renew - if you are tired of that old bath, want a new designer kitchen or need a bigger deck, we can perform these and any other renewal projects you desire.