The Stiegel Story 

Stiegel Construction has been crafting fine homes in the Lancaster County area for more than twenty years, offering the uncompromising quality and service professional and executive homeowners insist upon.

Building on a Tradition – in 1982 David Geib acquired Manheim-based Stiegel Builders, a company known for quality and service. He renamed it Stiegel Construction and began establishing his company's reputation for excellence. Over two decades later, Stiegel Construction is well-established as a premier builder, renovator and remodeler of executive residences.

Setting the Standard – through the years, Stiegel's craftsmen have created stunning homes from an ultra-modern custom home that broke new ground in the early 80s to a majestic 12,000 square foot residential estate offering the very best in traditional living.

The State of the Craft – today, some of our community’s most prominent residences are Stiegel Homes. Each is carefully planned and built to accommodate its owners unique lifestyle.